Perspectives on Scientific Error

COVID-19 UPDATE: workshop takes place as planned!

Due to the uncertainty around the COVID-19 crisis, the submission deadline for the workshop has been extended until May 31, 2020. Whether the workshop can take place as planned in July will be decided at that point. We should then have a clearer picture of whether academic activities and traveling are possible in summer. If not, the workshop will be postponed. Since travel restrictions to Italy have been lifted by June 3 and the conference site has assured that they can keep the sanitary norms, the workshop will take place as planned. For further questions, please contact the organizers.

Official conference hashtag #SciError2020

Recent studies reveal a high prevalence of error in published research. Theoretical arguments suggest that many published findings are false, and reports across fields show that many experiments do not replicate.

These errors raise important issues. From a practitioner’s perspective, errors mislead and slow down research projects. From a philosophical perspective, scientific error raises questions about the right forms of scientific inference, scientific progress and the reliability of science as a source of knowledge. From the perspective of the public, scientific error undermines the epistemic authority of science, and the degree to which policy-makers trust scientific experts.

Following the success of the first three editions, the fourth Perspectives on Scientific Error workshop will bring together an interdisciplinary group of researchers interested in issues of scientific error. Participants will share their views on how scientific errors can be detected and corrected, how they influence scientific communities, and the perception of science as a whole.

Dates and Deadlines

17 April: Submission Deadline
1 May: Notification of Acceptance
15-19 July: Workshop

Previous Editions

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